Sunday, April 6, 2008

Adding links I frequent to the sidebar. ..

I'm trying to add most of the links I frequent so folks can jump over and enjoy them too, but it won't let me add all of them, hence the space between. Ideas? Rachel? People with computer know-how? I use to be one of those folks, then I had kids. Unfortunately, while they were in utero, they absorbed all of my brain cells, along with their much needed nutrients. Well, upon speaking, they seemed to assume they know everything. Odd, how this happens. All too soon (read 20 to 30 years), I believe they'll realize we aren't such bad folks after all.


Rachel said...

Hmm. It looks like something in your formatting that's causing the double space in between links. Let me get into my wordpress and see if I can help you fix it. I use another host but I have a wordpress blog on the side just in case I need it for something such as this. If someone else figures it out first, cool..if not, I'm lookin'!

Jenny said...

Thank you girlie! How did the birthday party go?!?

Rachel said...

It went great, if you call 9 three year olds running around and screaming like crazy great. :) I do! It was so cute...lil pill prayed for sunshine for his party, and darn it all if he didn't get it for 4 straight hours!

(I'll figure out the wordpress thing at work tomorrow. tee hee)

Rachel said...

Try this link Jen, see if it helps