Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow, Glorious Snow!

Well, I can't really say it was glorious. It was only about 2 inches, and it was beautiful. We're use to getting more, but we're thankful to even have this come through. It's been a super cold winter, with very little snow. Maybe next year. Did you get any snow?


Rosa said...

Sure did!
Although is starting to melt now.
Enjoy! :)

Dingo said...

What beautiful photos of the snow! Quite a contrast to the summer/spring pics in your side bar.

MissCaron said...

Oh how I miss the snow ... Florida has been WAY too cold this winter with little to show for it!

Susan said...

Oh! How I love your pictures! Especially your header picture with the kitty! We had a little snow here in Charlotte too. I sure do miss the snow that we used to have in Maryland. The kids really loved sledding down the front yard - it was a long front yard too!

Hope you are doing well.