Friday, October 10, 2008

You Go Girl. . .

I'm as tired of anyone of Angelina, but I have to give her major kudos for putting it/them out there. Literally. I love this tastefully done shot of her on the cover of W, taken by none other that Brad Pitt.

In many areas, it's hard for nursing mothers to feed their children in public. I know I was "offered" a more secluded place to feed my children a time or two and declined. If they don't eat in the restroom/dressing room, why should my child?

Here's the article from Comcast. Please let me know if it doesnt' come through.


antigoni said...

I think breastfeeding is something natural. It's a beautiful and touching picture of a mother feeding her baby. Is it better for her showing her body to a film and not when she feed her baby? I think she want to pass the example of breastfeeding to all women. And yes, you lose weight easier when you breastfeed your baby.