Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pictures from our trip. . .

O.k. I don't know why, but these pictures are out of order posted and not exactly as I'd like them. Anywho, here's what you're looking at.

Kiddos in our room after the rehearsal dinner. SuperBoy was not a happy boy. Sleepy boy sums him up, and I came home around our 9 o'clock bedtime, so it's not like we partied hard, lol.

Outside P.F. Chang's. We had the rehearsal dinner at Buca di Beppos and it was delish.

On my Aunt CeCe's front porch in Wheeling as we headed for Cincinnati.

Yep. Aunt CeCe's living room.

A rainbow on our way to Aunt CeCe's driving up I-81.

SuperBoy pre-wedding, doing what he does best.

Danielle, Jessica, SuperGirl and SuperBoy pre-wedding.

SuperGirl getting her hair done.


Just starting to get her hair done. I don't know why all these pics loaded backward in different groups. Hmmmm....

SuperKids with Jessica at the reception.

My flowers.

SuperGirl and her Aunt Jody.

Jody and her family.

I apologize about the color in these shots. When I get pics from Jody, I'll post them.

Jody and Jon before they shoved cake in each other's face.

An ice "M" sculpture.


Rosa said...

Looks like you had a great time!
The kids look very sweet all dressed up!
And all those curls!. . . :)

MissCaron said...

Looks like good times. Love SuperGirl's rehersal dinner dress ... too cute!

MissCaron said...

I just realized I spelled rehearsal without the a and because I'm that anal ... hahaha ... I have to post another comment about it.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pics! I've gotta say both PF Changs and Bucca di Beppo (did you have the green beans? to die for) are my favs.

Marina said...

Ow Jenny, it looks like a beautiful wedding and your kids are beautiful!!!

Julie said...

Oh, Jenny!

Great pictures and SuperGirl and SuperBoy are just beautiful!
Yes, BOTH of them. Beautiful!

I'll bet that SuperGirl was just sooooooooooooooo excited about getting her hair done professionally! What a great memory!