Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How do?

I hope all is well with you this evening. I've been thinking about how fast time flies. Yesterday, I turned 36. Not a bad thing, but I'm now half way to 72, and half my life ago, I was 18. I have no yearnings whatsoever to return to that age, and I'm blessed to be where I am.

As I was lying by our little, sweet 7 year old to go to bed, I was looking back on her life and how fast she has grown. I look back on my life and remember where I was, mostly where I thought I was, and ponder if she feels the same. There's no way she can, as we all lead incredibly different lives, but I wonder how she thinks and feels in that deep little mind of hers. She's such an old, sensitive soul, and holds such promise. I'm getting misty-eyed thinking of her future. I can do my best and continue to pray to God that I'm doing the right things for her. Now that I have children, I realize more than ever, that everything I do shapes their future. I'm the master stone sculptor with raw marble in front of me. I use what she's been given and my own skills to, hopefully, guide her to being an amazing adult, capable of anything she believes she can do. May my sweet little princess realize all that she is truly capable of doing. I love you, Brenna.

Blessings to all of you.



Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogosphere :o)

I found your site by way of Freeman House and am looking forward to visiting again.

Come over and sit a bit - tea and bunny slippers are waiting for you.