Monday, January 21, 2008

Update on Pinky, the finger. . .

Well, Hubby just helped me re-bandage my boo-boo and it looks ickier than I thought. There appears to be a C-shaped cut on the outside of my finger around my first knuckle going up. Oo. Makes me weak thinking about it. Don't know if I should see a doc or not. Probably too late. We're guessing I'll lose that chunk on the outside of my knuckle. Again, Oo. Hubby wanted to use super glue to help seal it so it can heal faster/better. I'm against it seeing as how it's a c-shaped cut. I'd try it on a straight one, but not this baby.

Did I mention I have a small (1/2 inch) straight one just below my top knuckle? Yeah. Seems the rotary cutter skipped in it's glorious trip down my finger. And here I only have 308 more pieces to cut for E's stinkin' quilt. 52 down, 308 to go. . .

I think I'll pass on cutting fabric for now.

I suppose I'll work on sewing Jody's wedding quilt, since it has to be ready in October. :)

Sweet dreams,